Now Health International Announces Expansion for UAE Offer to Abu Dhabi



Now Health International announced the launch of their group products in Abu Dhabi completing the company’s expansion across the UAE. The expansion has been a part of Now Health’s plan for global company growth following the acquisition of Best Doctor’s Insurance in 2015.


The company’s WorldCare Advance, Excel and Apex insurance plans are now offered all over the UAE and are compliant with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The WorldCare plans launched in Abu Dhabi will be insured by RSA Insurance and administered by Now Health International, as a part of a partnership developed in June 2016.


Now Health International’s Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Zahir Sharif gives Global Health Insider exclusive comments about this product expansion:

Since we set up almost six years ago, Now Health International has worked to establish a centre of excellence in the Middle East. We know it’s crucial to be able to offer a single IPMI solution for companies operating across the UAE and beyond, and the expansion of our product offer to Abu Dhabi is key to delivering this and achieving a truly global proposition.


Read more about this in Now Health International’s official announcement here.



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