Foyer Global Health and Galytix Unveils HealthX, a Gen AI-Powered Digital Health Platform



Galytix and Foyer Global Health (FGH) have joined forces to implement HealthX, a digital health platform for insurers, utilizing generative artificial intelligence (gen AI). Catering to the dynamic international private medical insurance (IPMI) market, HealthX integrates structured and unstructured data from diverse sources to offer insights, analytics, and alerts, enhancing business propositions, customer service, and overall performance.

HealthX services span portfolio analytics, claims alerts, processing, underwriting, repricing, and risk reporting. Galytix's recent HealthX platform launch focuses on portfolio analytics and automating core claims processes for health risks. FGH's adoption aligns with its long-term strategy for a standardized data model, yielding quicker decisions, reduced data processing time, and improved data quality.

FGH's CEO, François Jacquemin, emphasizes the transformative impact of HealthX on their operations, heralding AI's efficiency gains and risk insights. Galytix CEO Raj Abrol highlights HealthX's powerful gen AI capabilities, simplifying users' understanding and decision-making through an intuitive 'Health Agent' interface.

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