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Global Health Insider is the business network and publication for all the International Private Medical Insurance Industry (IPMI).


Global Health Insider's goal is to connect IPMI companies, brokers, and agents with healthcare providers, medical IT companies, and insurance tech companies through a wide range of social media platforms, information sharing, newsletters, articles, interviews, directories, and events all available through GlobalHealthInsider.com


We provide first-hand insights from the top executives of IPMI, Agents, Medical Technology, and Healthcare providers through our Interviews section. Our News section provides the latest updates in the IPMI Industry, Medical, and Insurance Information Technology. The Articles section offers information about the international market and local market insights in the biggest countries for IPMI and Medical Care in the world. Our Directory Page gives you a list of the top IPMI Companies, Healthcare Providers, IPMI Brokers, and Medical Technology Companies around the world. The Events Page will give you information on the latest conferences, events, gatherings, and meetings in the field of Medicine and International Health Insurance worldwide.


GHI is the brainchild of the team behind Interexpat Pte. Ltd. , a tech company with leading publications and tools in the global lifestyle consumers markets.