AXA Global Healthcare launches healthcare payment card


AXA - Global Healthcare has unveiled an innovative virtual healthcare payment card to streamline the claims process for its customers. This virtual card marks the initial phase in their plan to establish a digital wallet, allowing members easy access to their international healthcare insurance policy.

The card's uniqueness lies in enabling members to pay for eligible outpatient treatments, such as over-the-counter prescriptions, without using personal funds or requiring pre-authorization.
Notably, the card supports contactless VISA payments globally, making it convenient for users at various healthcare providers. The initiative stems from member feedback, revealing a reluctance to submit low-value, self-pay claims due to the associated time and administration hassles.

The healthcare payment card addresses this concern by offering a quick and efficient payment method, coupled with simplified claim management through the AXA - Global Healthcare Card app.
The launch was accompanied by a playful "put pocketing" video adding a lighthearted touch to the introduction of this virtual service.

The rollout begins with selected corporate groups, allowing for thorough monitoring, refinement, and eventual widespread availability to enhance customer experience and support AXA's strategic growth plans.

View the full press release here.

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