Cigna Global Health Benefits Launched New Assistance Program



Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP) is introduced by Cigna Global Health Benefits as their newest solution for global customer assistance services. This comprehensive crisis assistance program will allow globally mobile customers to get additional assistance aside from medical evacuation and repatriation. With the CAP enhancement, customers will now be able to get assistance for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, hijacking, violent crimes, and even blackmail and extortion while living abroad.


CAP is powered by Cigna Global Health Benefits's partnership with FocusPoint International, a medical and security travel assistance service provider. The new program aims to give their current expat products a boost for medical and travel assistance services.


Cigna Global Product Development’s Manager for North America, Heather Schleeweis comments:

“CAP is not only a market differentiator for Cigna, it also directly supports our mission of helping individuals improve their health, well-being and sense of security. Now more than ever, security threats are a concern for today’s global travellers. CAP enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive global health benefits that include peace of mind.”


Learn more in Cigna’s full press release here.


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