Aetna International Announces Partnership with Humanis



Humanis, a French insurance company partners up with Aetna International strengthening the company’s foothold in Europe. Humanis insures 10 million people with 700,000 corporate clients under their belt, and now these clients will have access to global healthcare through Aetna International.


Aside from Humanis clients being able to use Aetna International’s services worldwide, Aetna International members will also be able to have extended coverage in France through the help of Humanis.


Aetna International’s CEO, Richard di Benedetto comments:

"This strategic partnership agreement with Humanis comes at the right time. Aetna's expertise and global presence, combined with the exceptional quality and local service that Humanis provides to its customers, will allow us to expand and improve the services we offer to our members. This partnership is part of our strategy to provide local services to our members worldwide, while adapting to national and regional disparities. We look forward to working together with Humanis on improving quality and access to healthcare for our members around the world"


Learn more about this partnership in their full press release here.


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