Jet Executive’s Sales & Marketing Manager Talks About the Recent Developments in the Medical Aviation and Assistance Industry



Jet Executive is one of the leading air ambulance providers in Germany. The company holds a diverse fleet of aircraft and medical equipment that offers a wide range of service for medical assistance in the region.

Ms Irena Dimitrijevic has been the Sales & Marketing Manager for Jet Executive for over seven years, and she happily shared Jet Executive’s unique services, as well as her insights on the recent developments and trends in the medical aviation and assistance industry. Learn more about Jet Executive and air ambulance partnerships in Germany in her full interview below.


Q: Can you give us a brief description of Jet Executive International Charter’s services?

A: Jet Executive is one of the major Air Ambulance providers from Germany with a dedicated fleet of five aircrafts - all based in Munich. A sixth aircraft has already been purchased and will start to operate from spring/summer onwards. We assist all major global insurance and assistance companies and have a very big international client base. Our patients are repatriated from all over the world; we even operate into countries with quite challenging infrastructure and sometimes risky situations for our crews on-site such as some African countries.

Our mission is to fly patients back home with the highest medical care, qualified staff and safety. 

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Q: What makes your services unique from other jet service companies for IPMI and Assistance providers?

A: First of all, we have a diversified fleet, with smooth double stretcher opportunities, a wide cabin space for companions on our Learjet 55, and at the smaller end our King Air 200 which operates into shorter runways all over Europe for a very economical price.

Our owner is also the CEO and has been managing the company for almost 30 years now. His expertise in the aviation industry is outstanding, and due to his daily involvement in our business, we have flat hierarchies which result in quick and efficient decisions.


Q: How do you maintain a good relationship with your IPMI and Assistance service partners?

A: We work very closely with our clients, partners and providers. We are constantly in exchange and provide mutual feedback. Long-term relationships are always beneficial as you can look back on along common cooperation and you are aware of the partner’s procedures, patterns and requirements. On a regular basis, we also organise workshops for the client’s staff in our airport facilities to show and teach them about our Air Ambulance fleet and medical equipment.

I think it is essential that the teams in the Assistance companies know which products they use and sell to their own clients.


Q: What kind of changes and developments do you see coming in the medical aviation and assistance service industry?

A: The globalisation process is still challenging and will be for many more years. Especially the latest political developments and crises result in a movement of travel patterns and in much higher requirements for planning and travelling the world.

In regards to medical aviation, we are all facing more and more challenges for transports of infectious diseases as the world moves quicker, and so do the geographical areas of epidemics (e.g. Zika etc.)

The significant political issues in the recent past in geographical areas such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and the Ukraine have affected our flight patterns and quote processing significantly as we are not allowed to land nor sometimes to overfly the mentioned areas. These adopted procedures have all to be taken into account and implemented into our daily work.

Another interesting development in the long-term will be the strategic decisions of the Air Ambulance providers how they will renew or expand their fleet as we are facing a new generation of aircraft for this market.


Q: What should we expect from Jet Executive International Charter this year?

A: We are always looking for the latest medical equipment on the market to be able to offer a wide range of medical services and high quality of transports. Lately, we have purchased the Nasal Oxygen Insufflation from WILA med; a young non-invasive form of therapy for clinical use on children and adult patients. Now we are able to fly patients who require a high concentration of oxygen with up to 50L/min.

Furthermore we purchased a new aircraft last year which is currently equipped and adapted to European standards and will be operating from summer onwards. Due to its stretcher configuration, we will be able to offer double stretcher transports with one intensive care patient.


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