A+ International’s Owner and CEO Talks About Growing Competition in Asia



A+ International Holdings Limited’s Owner and CEO, Mr Jean-Marc Herbet has worked in IPMI brokerage for over 18 years. He’s held positions in top companies such as Abacare Group Limited, and Louis Capital Markets. 

Mr Herbet talks to Global Health Insider about the current trends in IPMI in Asia such as InsurTech, growing competition, and consolidations. Read more about it in his full interview below. 


Q: How has A+ developed over the last couple of years? 

A: A+ International Healthcare provides first class, comprehensive and worldwide health cover to individuals, companies and organisations. 

We are now ten years old, and from the beginning, A+'s goal is to bring the best possible services to our brokers for them to give the best services to their clients. 

A+ takes care of a niche market of HNWI and will continue do so. We are looking to bring the best possible customer service, and we think we are doing so as our renewal rate is the highest in the industry. 

Trust is key in medical insurance, and we make sure our brokers and their clients feel safe, that's our main point of development and first mission!

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Q: What can you say about the growing competition for IPMI in Asia? 

A: Competition is fierce, particularly for IPMI group business. Large insurers are now competing against long time MGA for this market, but I think it’s healthy, we need competition. 

Luckily we take great care of our brokers, and their clients remain loyal to A+. 

Claims management is key in retaining your client and win you new ones. In A+, with the help of our long-time partner MAI, we are available 24/7/365 to help and support our brokers and clients to give them peace of mind.


Q: What do you think about the consolidation trend right now, with more of the big players absorbing smaller companies? 

A: Consolidation is inevitable, like in any other industry of service. A+ focuses on quality rather than quantity. Our portfolio is healthy, and with the great support of our insurer AXA FRANCE VIE, A+ will continue to grow steadily but surely.


Q: Do you feel the pressure to keep up with InsurTech services from other IPMI providers and brokers in the market right now? 

A: InsurTech services are all over the place. We study and look at the overall choices.

The most important thing your customer wants to have is a stable renewal premium, and their claims paid. 

We prefer to focus on protecting our portfolio by giving the best medical treatment to our customer, and having a strict but fair underwriting for new prospects. 


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

A: We have two projects running as we speak. First is a new BEST PRICE PLAN called EASY CARE+ for the young and healthy to allow them to be insured with the best coverage at the best price. Second is a chatbot called ABI which allows our A+ customers to be in touch 24/7/365 with a doctor to ask for healthcare advice by messenger.



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