Bupa Global Latin America’s General Manager Talks About IPMI Expansion in the Region



Mr Moses Dodo Bupa Global Latin America’s General Manager, has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the Latin American market, with senior positions in Banco Espírito Santo Investment, and BEAL Brazil.

Mr Dodo’s unique personal and professional experience has made him effective in the growth and expansion of Bupa Global Latin America in various countries in the region. In this interview, Mr Dodo discusses the recent Bupa Global Care Plus launch in Brazil, the challenges of offering IPMI products in Latin America, as well as the company’s plans for 2018.

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Q: Can you give us a brief background about yourself and your position at Bupa Global?

A: My name is Moses Dodo, and I am the General Manager for Bupa Global in Latin America. I was born in Morocco to Spanish-French parents and later raised in Brazil. Having travelled and lived all over the world throughout my life, I identify myself as a globally-minded individual. My career choices always led me towards Latin America, as most multinational companies where I worked have had presence in the region for over 20 years. This has not only provided me with an in-depth understanding of the market, its people, and its cultural differences, but  has also allowed me to bridge the gap between the needs of Latin-American customers and the business’ corporate culture, thus continuing to develop a high-end product that is appealing to the Bupa Global market in Latin America.


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Q: Can you tell us more about the Bupa Global Care Plus product recently launched in Brazil?

A: ‘Master International,’ the Global Health Plan launched in Brazil in November is segmented by coverage and price and was developed based on the findings of extensive customer research performed in six countries with over 3,000 participants of different nationalities. The product is specially designed to meet the specific needs of our consumers and deliver even greater benefits to globally minded and globally mobile customers.

This differentiated product is the result of the combined strength and expertise delivered through the strategic collaboration among CarePlus, Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global. It means that consumers who require global coverage, now have access to the largest network of health care providers worldwide. The new product is tiered based on the feedback we received from consumers, and it offers benefits for most of their health needs.

Some of the benefits included are:

  • In hospital and out-patient care
  • Health checks – helping to prevent as much as cure
  • Mental and holistic health  – caring for mind as well as body
  • Evacuation –Bupa Global provides medical evacuation – if treatment isn’t available locally – to ensure that customers’ health needs are met
  • Treatment for cancer (not including pre-existing conditions) and other serious illnesses, for as long as needed while you are a Bupa Global customer
  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions (not including pre-existing conditions)
  • Transplants and rehabilitation (not including pre-existing conditions)


Among many others.


Just as we offer IPMI (International Private Medical Insurance), we also offer travel insurance, providing protection and coverage for a range of non-emergency medical situations while travelling abroad.


Q: What are the challenges you experience in creating and offering IPMI products for expats in Latin America?

A: We cater to globally minded and globally mobile clients - in over 190 countries. At Bupa Global Latin America, we mainly cater to three customer profiles: inbound expats, outbound expats and globally minded and mobile individuals who are looking for the most premium coverage and want to have access to the medical care they require anytime and anywhere in the world, whether it be in their country of origin or while they are studying, living, traveling or working abroad.

Our biggest challenge with creating and offering products for expats (both inbound and outbound) is being able to keep the breadth and width of product, benefits and coverage that will provide the access and the network that these individuals are used to and are looking to find with a  brand like Bupa Global. Essentially, we work every day towards having and keeping a premium product that appeals to expats as well as locals. We are constantly listening to our customers and improving our product based on their feedback and the demand within the region, to keep up with the changing landscape and customer needs.


Q: What are the major trends you see developing in your region when it comes to IPMI?

A: The health industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Latin American market. This is for several reasons, amongst which are:

  • An increased public awareness of the need to insure and protect themselves
  • A significant increase in the costs of treatment of diseases
  • Globalisation which allows us today to work, live, study, or travel with more ease anywhere in the world, and creating the need for premium healthcare where and when our customers need it, whether that’s abroad or at home.


With this in mind, we also see some major trends gaining momentum in the industry, such as the desire for rich cover and holistic benefits, which includes wellbeing, preventive care, direct access to the best specialists in the world and the latest technology for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Parallel to this shift in the medical treatment landscape, more and more countries are now providing better treatments and medical equipment, allowing patients to be treated locally and eliminating the need to travel abroad to receive the care they need.

We also see how the affordability is affected by healthcare inflation which makes it more challenging to keep products viable and affordable.

Finally, medicine is evolving at a faster pace, and people are also living longer lives, which is an amazing feat for our generation, but it also creates a need for Bupa Global to adapt its products accordingly. It’s no longer about having a reactive product for customers who become ill or need emergency treatment, but more about prevention and wellbeing; how we can also provide wellness services, health education and help our insured to stay healthy. This is why Bupa Global currently has plans and products that include important preventive health benefits which help us achieve our purpose – of longer, healthier, happier lives.


Q: What can we expect from Bupa Global in South America in 2018?

A: There are great things coming to Bupa Global in 2018. Much like this year, we will continue to develop our brand within Latin America, which remains a key region for the Bupa Global business.

With the acquisition of Care Plus in Brazil in December 2016 and the new product launch in November 2017, we expect to continue to have great novelties coming out of Brazil as well. Additionally, within the scope of our overall plan for the region, we will continue listening to our customers and adjusting our products to appeal to the Latin-American market. We will also continue to explore partnership opportunities and new potential markets for Bupa Global, whilst adapting to the changes in the region as needed. We look forward to an energetic and exciting 2018!



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