IMG’s CEO Todd A. Hancock Talks about IMG’s recent rebranding and his New Role as CEO



IMG (International Medical Group) has gone through some changes recently, starting with the appointment of their new CEO, Todd A. Hancock in November 1st, and the company’s rebranding and release of their new logo on December 1st. Mr Hancock gave a comment in the company’s press release about their rebranding saying

“The new logo reflects IMG’s focus on providing a foundation of security, health and well-being for our members while they’re away from home.”

We’ve had the chance to discuss these new changes with Mr Hancock, and he’s shared more information about his new role, as well as the new things in store for IMG. Learn more about this in his full interview below.


Q: What are the challenges of your new role as CEO of IMG?

A: There are three significant trends impacting our industry: an increasingly mobile population, global insecurity and increased vulnerability of travelers, and rapidly changing expectations of consumers who want to communicate with companies in the time, format and language they desire.


These macro trends have always been our focus at IMG, but as president and CEO, my responsibility is to expand the scope of that focus and address the growing sophistication and complexity of our members. My job becomes a lot easier, though, when I have great employees serving our members and living out our mission to be there to protect and enhance their health and well-being.


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Q: What’s the best advice you’ve received from Brian Barwick when he passed the torch as CEO?

A: Brian always used this analogy of a Jeep crossing a flooded river. If a Jeep goes across the river too swiftly, it floods the engine. If it crosses too slowly, it stalls out and gets stuck in the middle of the road. But if it goes at just the right tempo, it creates a wake in front of it, allowing it to cross.


He used this analogy to symbolise business growth at IMG. Tempo is really important when running a company. If we grow or expand too rapidly, this growth often becomes unsustainable. If we move too slowly, we become anchored and miss opportunities. But if we move at just the right tempo, we position the company for long-term growth, sustainability and success.


Q: Can you tell us about IMG’s recent logo and rebranding?

A: Our rebranding is in concert with who IMG has always been. It is an illustration of what we provide our members, and represents the idea that no matter where you are, IMG is your home for Global Peace of Mind®.


Q: Does IMG intend to focus on particular markets and products in line with this rebranding?

A: I’m not prepared to share specifics at this time. However, IMG has several initiatives in the pipeline that will further expand our global footprint, service capabilities and connectivity with our members.


Q: What is your vision for IMG and the IPMI industry in the future?

A: Our goal at IMG is to be the global leader in away-from-home security, health and well-being. Since becoming president and CEO, my confidence in our ability to achieve this goal and serve our members during their episode of vulnerability has grown exponentially. However, both as an industry and at IMG, we must address the fact that the definition of a ‘vulnerable episode’ continues to change. It’s no longer just characterized by a medical event.



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