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November 2015 saw the launch of two new products by Aetna International – one of the world’s largest providers of global healthcare benefits. The announcement was the culmination of almost two years’ work that saw Aetna evolve from an insurer to a holistic provider of healthcare services. Aetna International’s President, Richard di Benedetto shared a short article about Aetna’s products and the future of the company.


Our vision has been to be the healthcare partner for our members around the world, helping them to stay healthy at every stage of their journey. Our new products are central to that vision and form part of an overall member service that will respond wherever our members find themselves.


Aetna Pioneer℠ is aimed at individuals and families with Aetna Summit℠ supporting group clients. The products’ design has a central focus on our members’ requirements and combines flexible features with our clinical expertise and personalised-house service.


Aetna Pioneer and Aetna Summit are modular in style and offer five base plan levels - Aetna Pioneer/Summit 1750, 2500, 4000, 5000 and 5000+. Annual benefits range from USD 1,750,000 to USD 5,000,000. An Aetna Pioneer/Summit 5000+ plan is also available to U.S. residents. All plans cover inpatient treatment in full, emergency medical evacuation and treatment for cancer as standard. Those taking our higher-level plans will receive increasingly more benefits such as support to manage chronic conditions, compassionate visits by family members, dental and vision, and full outpatient cover for the top-level Aetna Pioneer/Summit 5000 plans.


A range of additional benefits is available to Aetna members to help them stay healthy. A great example is our medical network of over one million providers in the USA and 165,000 throughout the rest of the world. Many members with a track record of healthy living can benefit from a healthy behaviours premium discount. Country risk information is on hand as is personal safety protection if members are exposed to natural disasters, political unrest and other similar events.


Support from Aetna’s Care and Response Excellence (CARE) is also available to help members with everything from pre-authorisations to evacuation management, to hospital navigation and condition management programmes, like diabetes and cancer. An Employee Assistance Programme provides telephone counselling and other support and all members can use our secure member website and mobile app to access a wealth of health-related information, useful contacts and self-help tools.


Literature for Aetna Pioneer and Aetna Summit has been developed with the member in mind and is clear and easy to read.  Summary sheets explaining the cover provided by the two products can be found here: Aetna Pioneer Aetna Summit


Our marketing team has produced a great video describing how the Aetna Pioneer and Summit plans provide customers with: Choice, Comfort, Control, Care and Convenience: 



For Aetna, it’s about placing our customers at the centre of everything we do. We’ve evolved into more than a health insurance company and are confident that by aligning wellness, protection with a high-personal-touch service capability we can set a new benchmark for the IPMI industry in supporting the health of our members globally.

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