WebMD’s Medscape App Develops New Feature for Doctors


Top medical website WebMD has announced the development of a clinical reference app that includes crowdsource capabilities. Speaking at the company’s annual stockholder meeting, CEO David Schlanger spoke about Medscape Consult and its features designed for healthcare professionals.


The app will include concise clinical reference available at the point of care. It is also the first of its kind to allow doctors to crowdsource medical questions to their colleagues. The app is part of an ambitious plan to expand WebMD’s business globally. The company is looking into starting its international expansion with India.


Mr. Schlanger remarked that healthcare is the last industry that has not adopted technology in the delivery of tis services. “WebMD and Medscape can be important players in taking care to the next level, taking it out of the exam room and helping physicians and patients who want to proactively manage care,” he said.



Photo By: Rosmarie Voegtli

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