UMC Utrecht Pioneers MRI/Linac Technology


University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) in The Netherlands has integrated an MRI machine with a linear accelerator (linac) to improve the detection of cancers. Most patients undergo separate imaging and radioactive sessions, putting healthy body organs at risk of radiation exposure. Integrating the MRI and linac improves how tumours within moving tissues are targeted.


UMC Utrecht, a leader in image-guided therapy, is considered one of the best in Europe. Aside from image-guided therapy, UMC Utrecht has worked on a complete native skull replacement with 3D-printed models. A woman, who has a scalp growing inward, had her original scalp replaced with a 3D-printed scalp. Lead surgeon Dr. Bon Verweiji said: “It was only a matter of time before critical brain functions were compromised and she would die.” The 23-hour procedure, the world’s first, was successful.


Medtech giants, Royal Philips and Elekta have teamed up to build this amazing new technology that will ultimately be a revolutionizing piece of technology in the world of radiotherapy and tumor visualization.


Photo by: Royal Philips

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