Elekta Reintroduces Linear Accelerator Treatments



Elektra Australasia has reintroduced its menu of clinical solutions and services, as well as its excellent customer support. The company, established in Australia in 2004, is a direct subsidiary of its corporate headquarters in Sweden. Elekta serves the Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Neuroscience communities in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, its world-class solutions are used in more than 6,000 hospitals worldwide.


Elektra was first to introduce the 4D CT technique, imaging technology, that is used in treating lung cancer. The company also launched the 160-leaf multileaf collimator (MLC), Agility™, which treats patients through a linear accelerator.


In a statement, Managing Director Shaun Seery said: “Our prime focus is establishing high customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations, and expectations are high in Australia.” Elektra Software’s SupportPlus, an online tool, provides customers access to support organization straight from their desktop.


Photo by: Badly Drawn Dad


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