Bupa launches new International Business Health Plans



Bupa has launched a new range of IPMI products for UK businesses. The new IPMI Business Health Plan is developed for companies that need specific premium coverage for key employees. The new product was developed by gathering insights from customers worldwide.


The new products are called “Business Select, Business Premier, Business Elite, and Business Ultimate”. These products offer benefits and services that best fit the needs of globally mobile businesses and their employees through the help of Bupa’s extensive range of global IPMI network.


The four new products fall in line with the IPMI industry’s latest trend of employee wellness and are designed to give employees coverage in both mind and body with benefits such as in-hospital care, transplants and rehabilitation, treatment for cancer and serious illnesses, hereditary and chronic conditions, and medical evacuation.


To learn more about Bupa’s revolutionary new IPMI products for businesses, read their full press release here.


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