Allianz Worldwide Care Launches new AI-Powered Feature in MyHealth App



Allianz Worldwide Care’s newest tech innovation, the AI-powered ‘Symptom Checker’, was launched on the 23rd of August, and is now readily available through the MyHealth app. The Symptom Checker provides preliminary assessments of users’ symptoms through a series of questions to see if medical treatment is necessary.


The newest AI feature was developed in line with Allianz Worldwide Care’s ‘Digital by Default’ strategy, which aims to answer the increasing demand for digitalisation among Allianz Worldwide Care members.


Mr Alexis Obligi, Allianz Worldwide Care’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer comments:

“We have always pushed ourselves to be leaders when it comes to technology in this area. Our members expect continuous innovation, and we are seeing a strong trend towards digital usage and uptake in paperless claims submissions. Developed in conjunction with medical professionals, the Symptom Checker is by no means a replacement for the real thing It is, however, a valuable tool to be used to secure an initial assessment for our members and we’ve had an incredibly positive response so far.”


Read more in their full press release here.


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