Medibroker’s Steve Nelson Talks About the Competitive World of IPMI Brokers and their Relationships with IPMI Partners



We’ve recently had the privilege to talk to Medibroker’s Product Development Manager, and iPMI industry expert, Steve Nelson. Medibroker is one of the pioneers of online insurance broking. The company's success is based on their expertise in the world of iPMI, and their years of experience in the business.

Mr. Nelson explains how the years of experience and background, as well as having the support of their parent company, APRIL Group, helps Medibroker maintain a good relationship with their partners and offer better services for their customers.

Read more about Mr. Nelson’s insights about iPMI brokerage worldwide company’s strategies to stay competitive in the developing iPMI industry.


Q: How do you stay competitive in the world of IPMI?

Having access to a great number of plan providers means that we can match the right plan to different situations. Everyone has their own particular requirements and budget levels so being able to research a wide range of plans allows us to offer the best solution to as many different needs around the World.


Q: What are your strategies when it comes to reaching out to IPMI partners worldwide?

We are always looking for partners around the World to be able to improve and expand what we can offer. However, it is not a case of ‘pile them high and sell them cheap’ we want quality providers who offer sustainable solutions – there’s no point in being here today but gone tomorrow.


Q: How do you maintain your relationship with your IPMI partners?

An excellent relationship with our providers is essential. We do see this as a partnership; we work together with our providers to ensure that we get the best service from them and they get the best service from us. By that, I mean that they too know that we work with our clients to provide the correct solution to their needs and so minimizing potential conflicts further down the line. Our quality of advice is appreciated by our partners as it provides long-term customers for them and we appreciate the quality of their products to allow us to offer excellent solutions. We really do see this as a valuable relationship.


Q: What makes your services stand out among your competitors in the market today?

Knowledge and personal service are at the heart of how Medibroker stands out in the age of price compassion sites. Knowing that we have quality solutions allows us to fully engage with our clients and discuss their needs and concerns so we can offer the best advice to them. It’s not just a case of providing premiums, anyone can do that, we want to provide expert advice and assistance to provide the most appropriate solution for our clients.

That’s why at Medibroker we have an exceptionally strong focus on keeping up to date with international regulations, what the different plan provider’s offer and, crucially, how the different providers work in practice.


Q: How has being involved in the overall expat experience help your company in marketing your service?

Experience is such a valuable commodity in this market. Whether that be previous expat experience or many years’ experiences in the iPMI sector, being able to bring this experience to our clients is so important. Being able to say to clients ‘yes, we have experienced a similar situation before’ provides much comfort and credibility to our advice.


Q: Does your media exposure help in marketing your products and getting more partners?

Media exposure is so important. Getting our message out in as many ways as possible is vital when you are effectively dealing with clients and partners on a Worldwide basis. We all read so much information online these days, and this is a great way for expanding our reach around the World.

We’ve seen Medibroker featured in a number of prominent news articles in 2015 (From the Daily Mail to The HR Director) which not only highlights the value people see in our service but also the in-depth knowledge of our team.


Q: What are common pitfalls for insurance coverage to look out for?

We specialise in offering cover to individuals all over the World, and one of the most misunderstood areas is underwriting and pre-existing medical conditions. So many people think that because they have hypertension controlled by medication, for example, that they do not have a pre-existing medical condition. However, this is simply not the case, and it is something to be very wary of as an exclusion for a condition like this will be quite wide ranging. Luckily, the iPMI industry has undergone quite a change over the last few years when it comes to underwriting, and some existing conditions can now be covered by certain providers.


Q: What can we expect from Medibroker in the future?

We want to build on our years of success and the strength of our parent company, the APRIL Group, to continue to provide expert advice to all our clients. We’re always looking for new partnerships and affiliates to reach new expats where ever they may be around the World. Forming new partnerships and cementing existing partnerships are very much our focus going forward.


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