Medelinked CEO, Ian Gallifant talks about Medelinked's Healthcare Ecosystem



We had the chance to interview Mr. Ian Gallifant, founder and CEO of the online health healthcare engagement and management platform company, Medelinked. Mr. Gallifant shared his own insights about the increasing influence of online platforms in the IPMI and health care industries and how such platforms can make IPMI more efficient and effective changing the experience of IPMI cover by giving customers direct access to their own health data, treatments and health care providers worldwide.


Q: Can you tell us how online platforms have influenced the IPMI industry nowadays?

A: This type of technology enables individuals to access and manage their own medical records then connect and share with health care providers wherever they are located globally. For IPMI customers, it has helped them understand their key health numbers - such as blood pressure, resting heartbeat, blood glucose, cholesterol etc. -  connecting to the increasing amount of wearable devices and services such as fitbit, Withings and iHealth – and act to improve their health, potentially reducing the cost of their cover.  It also allows the IPMI customer to have direct access to administrative information such as their cover documentation and approved healthcare providers.


Q: We've seen how Medelinked works for users, can you tell me how your service works for IPMI providers?

A: We enable IPMI providers to deliver their strategies on our platform, customizing it to their needs and their business plans and connecting them to a worldwide network of doctors and healthcare providers and other partners as well their customer wherever they are located.  For the IPMI providers, for instance, it has helped them keep track of treatments and records and reduce claims as well as lower the cost of administration.  Medelinked’s platform and associated app also helps IPMIs to better understand, communicate and manage their customer relationships ensuring they get the right people to the right place for the right care at the right time.


Q: What’s in store for Medelinked in the future?

A: We’re constantly working to help improve quality of care and the consulting experience. For instance, we have just launched a service called 'Medelinked Snapshot'. This feature allows doctors and healthcare professionals, as well as patients, to get a quick, full, single screen graphic view of their patient’s history.  This includes medical reports and records, x-rays, and scans.  The Medelinked Health Partner Portal also now features `Personal Health Timeline` where doctors and healthcare professionals  can see  historical patient data displayed in a simple and familiar social timeline presentation on a PC, Mac, or any Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.  Both these features are helping doctors and healthcare professionals quickly and accurately understand health states and increase the time available to focus on their patients and clients in consultations.

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