IPMI Expert David Eline Shares the Unique Approach of website My-Matchmaker.com to IPMI Brokerage


IPMI specialist and founder of My-Matchmaker.com, David Eline talks to us about My-Matchmaker’s new approach to IPMI brokerage. Mr. Eline has had years of experience in Insurance Derivatives and Structured Credits as well as the IPMI industry, and he has used his experience in these fields to create a unique system for My-Matchmaker.com 

My-Matchmaker.com now has several high-profile partners in the IPMI industry such as AXA PPP International, Cigna Global, and Allianz Worldwide Care. Read more about Mr. Eline’s new approach and ideas for IPMI brokerage below.


Q: What were you doing before you became an international private medical insurance (IPMI) broker?

Before setting up My Matchmaker, I was involved in the alternative risk transfer market, working with insurers and banks and responsible for structured & derivatives solutions for financial institutions and hedge funds. This gave me invaluable experience when looking to conceptualise the online solution I wanted to take to the IPMI market through My Matchmaker.


Q: Why did you choose to become an IPMI broker?

I’ve been an expatriate and a user of IPMI for almost 20 years. I also have many expatriate friends. As a group, we were continuously changing jobs or locations and always complained about how difficult it was to find the right international medical cover at the right price. With so many insurers around and all offering lots of different products, it was hard for us to know where to begin. And when we bought the cover, it was so complex that we didn’t know if it was what we needed.

That got me thinking. What self-help tools are in the IPMI space and is there an opportunity to create something unique?


Q: What’s unique about what My Matchmaker offers compared to other brokers in the market?

I’m pleased to say that, having spent the best part of two years working on a solution, My Matchmaker does offer something unique to expatriates. The international private medical insurance – IPMI – market is quite a complicated one. And we are talking about protecting people’s health when they are in any number of countries around the globe, so it’s complex. There are so many different product and cover combinations that it’s almost impossible to sift through them all and buy what you need. Until now, of course!

In a nutshell, the My Matchmaker system allows users to compare individual elements of cover from different products against each other using a star-rating system. The user can hover over the star, and a drop-down box appears with more information on that element of cover, such as the maximum amount of money the insurer will pay out for that condition. Each element of the cover is individually assessed and benchmarked – by a human, not a computer program!

For the expatriate, this means choosing a plan that meets their precise needs. If they want the best possible maternity cover, or are worried about the care they will receive if they contract cancer, for example, they can choose the plan that that covers these really well. And if they aren’t worried about maternity or cancer cover they can choose a plan that limits cover –hopefully for a reduced premium.

No other system on the market offers this level of cover comparison.


Q: What other uses do you see for the Selector system?

The vision is for the tool to be available to brokers, advisers, HR departments as well as direct buyers of IPMI. After all, it will mean brokers and advisers can save time and be sure they are giving the best advice to clients. The process of pushing the tool out to the adviser market has already begun. It’s looking really positive so far, and I’m hopeful that, as the range of products on the system expands, it will be an essential part of the adviser toolkit.


Q: What is your vision for the future of My Matchmaker?

Our short-term focus is on the IPMI market. We’re looking to get all the major IPMI providers on our panel so that we have a market-wide product selection available for direct buyers and the adviser market.

Longer term we are planning to add other types of financial and insurance products to the system so that we have a good spread offering real value to brokers and advisers around the world.



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