Chief Operating Officer, Cesar Moufarrege Explains XN Worldwide Insurance’s Synergy with Henner Group



Cesar Moufarrege, the Chief Operating Officer of XN Worldwide Insurance, was a key proponent of the Henner-XN merger. Speaking on why he set his sights on XN back when he was a Corporate Business Development Manager at Henner, he said that the combined strength enables both parties to tap into new markets and increase the competitiveness of their IPMI products. To grow XN’s presence, Mr. Moufarrege revealed that it has been stepping up on its marketing front, building upon Henner’s brand and actively connecting with industry professionals.


Q: Share briefly with us your background, and how you came to be the COO of XN Worldwide Insurance.

Prior to joining the insurance industry, I spent eight years in the financial sector working for two large multinational professional services firms. In 2010, I joined Henner in Paris, as a Corporate Business Development Manager, responsible for the expansion of the firm at a corporate level. Part of my mandate was to leverage potential Mergers & Acquisitions for the corporate growth of Henner. That is how I got in touch with XN. In 2011, I worked on my first international transaction, the acquisition of XN by the Henner group, which closed in October of that year. In 2014, I was offered the COO position at XN, to assist the CEO in managing the company.


Q: How have XN and the Henner Group helped one another to reach greater heights since the acquisition?

Part of the reason why the Henner Group was interested in the acquisition of XN is that XN brings expertise of the North American Insurance market. Since XN has a well-established IPMI clientele, Henner now has a foothold and is able to compete in North America. In addition, XN gives Henner access to a variety of International P&C products that are sold worldwide. XN has also widely benefited from the acquisition. Being backed by a multinational of Henner’s size and reputation has brought more credibility and power to the firm. Furthermore, XN now has access to all the services provided by Henner on the employee benefits side, which has enhanced its product offering and competitiveness in the marketplace.


Q: XN Worldwide Insurance has been communicating and connecting with global mobility experts on social media – can you tell us a little more about this?

XN has been offering international insurance products for over 15 years. We have developed an expertise of the international insurance industry, including the IPMI market that brings an added-value to our partners and clients. We believe that this expertise can be communicated to a greater extent to our network. In addition, we have recently gone through an extensive rebrand where we re-defined our brand and identity. In the process, we launched a brand new website and new marketing material. It was the perfect opportunity to combine it with a new social media strategy.


We have chosen LinkedIn as our social media platform. We launched a showcase page called “The International Mobility Network”. This page shares insights, news and information on issues that have an impact on mobility professionals and brokers. We are also posting regularly on our corporate page.


Q: What is the next challenge for XN? What strategies are implemented to reach the goal?

The next challenge is to be more visible in the IPMI and International Insurance industry. Our goal is to become the reference for brokers and clients when it comes to international insurance. To reach this goal, we are strengthening our marketing and commercial pipeline. In addition, we are constantly working on our technology to ensure that it supports the growth of our business and offers better service to our clients. Lastly, we are working hard with the Henner Group to establish synergies on a worldwide scale.


Q: How is XN working with and supporting its partners worldwide? Why should brokers place business with XN?

Having tightly knit relationships with our partners is essential to our business model. We are constantly listening and adapting our offer to the needs of our brokers and partners. Being a Lloyd’s cover holder, we are flexible and can provide tailor-made solutions. Brokers should place business with us because we truly have a unique offer in the marketplace. Very few players will have the same amount of expertise we have in both IPMI and International P&C. We also offer full administration, tech tools that streamline the quoting and purchasing process, as well as the Henner Group’s backing on a worldwide scale. They can visit for more details or simply get in touch with us over email.



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