CEO of DavidShield, Ilan Gat Puts Technology at the Forefront



In an exclusive interview with Global Health Insider, Chief Executive Officer of DavidShield, Ilan Gat said that the company will be training its focus on building a better experience for the members and brokers. Technology will be central to enabling DavidShield to achieve that.


Recently, the company has introduced platforms to ensure that the members always have sufficient funds on-hand for their medical needs, regardless of their location worldwide. The convenience and accessibility are brought forward to the brokers, who also benefit from their online portal, call centre and face-to-face sessions.


Q: Tell us more about your background and how you climbed the ranks to become the CEO of DavidShield.

I have been in the insurance field for close to two decades, of which approximately 15 years of that are within health insurance specifically. 


Coming from AIG, I joined DavidShield in 2002 as the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer responsible for all sales and marketing activities. In 2009, my family and I relocated to Beijing in order to establish a DavidShield subsidiary office in China, in cooperation with PICC – the largest insurance company in the country. Upon returning to Israel from our relocation, I was appointed the CEO of DavidShield.


I feel privileged to work in the field of global health insurance. The ability to contribute in a meaningful way to a person’s life is extremely rewarding.   


Q: What are DavidShield’s goals and projects in the medium term?

Our mission to deliver a superior member experience has always been and will continue to be at the heart of our operation. We strive on delivering a member service experience that is professional, reliable, resourceful and most importantly, attentive to the needs of our members. We want to surprise our members on a continual basis by delivering technological state-of-the-art solutions – making our members’ lives easier and stress-free. 


As part of this mission, in addition to our multi-lingual member service team that is available 24/7, we invest significant effort in developing technology that allows our members to focus on their health and eliminates logistical hassle.


For our medium term, we will continue along our path of technology innovativeness and pinpoint specific areas where we can best deliver superior member service.


Q: The DavidShield App was launched in July. How does it support DavidShield’s IPMI business and developments?

Operating worldwide, it is important that we are accessible across the globe, regardless of location. Our app affords us the ability to be fully accessible, delivering to our members the utmost in convenience and service on a global scale. Within a minute or one click, members receive prepaid medical funds directly to their DavidCard.


The app also provides brokers with the necessary tools to extend to their customers convenience, speed and efficiency – all critical elements for expatriates.  


In addition to our app, our brokers also experience the benefit of working through a customised service portal, giving them easy access to information, such as health insurance coverage details, quote information and updated member status reports. 


Together, the app and broker service portal offer services needed to handle all insurance essentials creating a member and customer experience that is one of ease and free of inconvenience.


Q: Could you run us through the DavidCard and DavidShield App?

Our DavidCard is a revolution in the field of health insurance and allows for the advanced payment of medical funds to be used towards medical services needed. 


The DavidCard provides members with “peace of mind” – a security in knowing that health expenses have been covered and focus can be directed on attending to health needs.


Our recent development of the DavidShield App, has further enhanced this offering in that now, within one minute or one click, prepaid medical funds are sent directly to the DavidCard.


Both the DavidCard and DavidShield App are pioneering the health insurance industry and set the path for our continued advancement of technology-based solutions.


Q: What is DavidShield’s working relationship with the brokers and what is being done to strengthen it?

We carry strong working relationships with our brokers and are sensitive to their needs. We continue to deliver innovative solutions to our brokers that address customer needs.


There are three basic elements we maintain in our relationships with brokers:

  1. Transparency – Our e-services website with candid details on topics such as, commission range, leads, etc., allows brokers easy access to real-time information that is received exactly to how this data appears with our internal systems.
  2. Humanity – Our call centre is fully available to offer assistance to our brokers and respond to any questions.
  3. Flexibility – We place a great deal of effort in offering solutions that eliminate the hassle and encourage flexibility, continually reducing any bureaucracy.


Our research has shown that these elements carry significant value for brokers in working with a health insurance provider, and we aim to ensure these areas are provided.


Our app provides an additional tool for brokers’ customers to receive a superior member service experience – one that is accessible across the globe and user-friendly.


We also facilitate detailed face-to-face programs with our brokers - to update staff with our latest health plan information, continually keep informed of specific market needs and the deliverables necessary to best address market requirements.



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