ALC’s CEO Sarah Jewell talks about their new special products


Sarah Jewell is the founder and CEO of ALC Health, a specialist provider of international medical insurance. She has 35 years’ experience in the insurance industry and has herself been an expatriate. She was also awarded an MBE in 2015 for services to the medical insurance industry. ALC Health is now expanding its presence in the aviation sector by launching a special product for pilots and air crew.  

Learn more about Ms. Jewell and ALC’s new products in her full interview below.


Q: Tell us how you came to launch a medical insurance plan for pilots and air crew?

We have long had a reputation for being very flexible about the occupations of our clients. This means we cover members in high-risk sectors such as mining or oil and gas, and avoid having the kind of exclusions which can often restrict cover for certain industries. Aviation is a good example. We don’t restrict cover to just fare paying passengers or ground-based employee roles, so have built a strong presence with airline companies and individual flyers, who enjoy 24/7 cover with us. 


Q: What is the new product called and what makes it distinctive?

We’ve built on our experience in the aviation sector to launch ‘Flying Colours’, which is specifically for individual pilots and air crew. Two features really stand out. The most unusual is that the plan offers Medical History Disregarded underwriting, which is an option usually reserved for corporate groups. This feature gives individual applicants a level of cover for pre-existing conditions which they would not usually be able to obtain. We are also offering the plan at rates which are deeply discounted compared to our standard premiums for individuals.    


Q: Tell us more about who the product is aimed at and how they can purchase the plan?

Like our other medical insurance plans, this one is aimed at expatriates of any nationality in many parts of the world. It is also available to local nationals in much of Europe and in Hong Kong. Although applicants must be pilots or air crew we also allow dependants to join the plan. To buy the plan they can contact us through their usual intermediary or directly using the contact details on our website. Either way, we can usually provide a quote on the same day.


Q: How does this product fit in with the rest of your business at ALC Health?

The heart of our business is our Prima range of plans, which has a choice of four benefit levels. ‘Flying Colours’ effectively offers three of these same benefit schedules, but with the preferential underwriting and pricing as I mentioned earlier. The new product is already opening up new marketing channels for us, such as specialist intermediaries, and this is raising the profile of ALC Health as well as extending the reach of the ‘Prima’ product range.    


Q: Are there any further new products planned?

We continually review our offering in the marketplace. International medical insurance is such a dynamic sector, and there are always new opportunities – and challenges - to evaluate. We will shortly be reviewing the benefits of the ‘Prima’ plans and are likely to be introducing new options to give customers even greater choice. We are also now entering new markets, in Cyprus and Malta.  


Q: What else can we expect from ALC Health in the future?   

Whatever changes the near future brings, such as developing our business in new regions, I believe it is also essential that we retain our ethos, which is to provide top quality customer service, and active support for our brokers. We are passionate about what we do at ALC, and are committed to delivering a product which makes a real difference to our members’ lives.



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