Cigna’s First Digital-Exclusive Campaign Targets Globally Mobile Individuals



Cigna, a leading health services and insurance company in 30 countries, has recently launched its first-ever regional brand campaign for key international markets.


Targeting globally mobile individuals, Cigna aims to spread awareness and grow its Individual Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) business.


Video advertisements, of 30 to 60 seconds each, are at the centre stage of the digital-only campaign and disseminated through various social media marketing channels.


The campaign theme “All The Way, Means All The Way” takes after Cigna’s global positioning, “Together, All The Way”. It reinforces the fact that Cigna goes above and beyond to support its customers in living well and staying well physically, financially and emotionally.


Cigna Global’s “First Day” full video of a father and daughter starting their first day of work and school respectively in a new country. They tap onto Cigna’s mobile app for help in an unfamiliar environment.


Additional advertisements are unveiled specifically in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Spain. These videos are artfully filmed in a local setting, to reflect the consumer’s desire for a personalised approach from a global health insurer.


“We selected these markets because they all have a high proportion of globally mobile individuals, as well as others who are increasingly mindful of their health and wellness needs, and therefore we are ideally placed to support their ambitions. These markets also all have a high level of digital penetration and we therefore, expected this digital-first approach to work well,” explained Dongjun Choi, Chief Marketing Officer, International Markets, Cigna.


Cigna Thailand’s “When your home is significant (translated)” full video of a father who had a fall overseas just before his birthday but eventually able to celebrate with his family thanks to Cigna’s emergency evacuation and repatriation.


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