Cigna Global IPMI Broker & Partner Conference Event Highlights



The five-day conference for Cigna Global’s IPMI Brokers and Partners kicked off last Thursday, October 20th in San Francisco California, and the event proved to be quite a feast for IPMI Brokers.


The conference offered workshops, 1-2-1 sessions, seminars, and a fantastic talk from the event’s keynote speaker, Google’s Web Analytics Master and “Digital Marketing Evangelist”, Avinash Kaushik.


Cigna Global hoped to give great insights for Cigna Global’s IPMI Brokers and Partners through the myriad of events exploring the greatest opportunities and challenges that brokers face in the IPMI market. Through this event, Cigna was able to reach out to their broker network and give them opportunities for growth and development.


Event Highlights

One of the main events in the conference is the “Issues & Trends” seminar which explores different strategies that can help brokers enhance their businesses through expat individual sales. The key note speakers for this seminar are various senior leads from Cigna Global.


There were a number of workshops that explores business growth for the attendees. The workshops covered key topics such as customer engagement and digital marketing, particularly with Google’s “Digital Marketing Evangelist”, Mr. Avinash Kaushik. The workshop also allowed brokers to engage Mr. Kaushik through a Q&A segment after his talk.


The gala dinner and award ceremony was the perfect end to the conference with several recognitions and awards for the top sales performance and customer service within Cigna Global. 


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